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Freud museum

Jacques Lacan in Ireland

Donald Winnicott’s Sqiggle Foundation

Melanie Klein



Winnicott: Margaret Boyle Spelman in conversation with Berna O’Brien: In this episode a recording of a conversation between psychoanalytic psychotherapists Berna O’Brien and Margaret Boyle Spelman. The conversation centred on the work of renowned paediatrician and psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott and was recorded… read more


Conducting Psychoanalytic Research for Publication

The following three podcasts are from a workshop organized by Dr Noreen Giffney, funded by UCD Humanities Institute and co-sponsored by Irish Institute of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Irish Forum for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. Additional information on this workshop can be found here.

Podcast 1: Welcome and Opening Remarks: Ann Murphy, Chairperson, Irish Forum for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.


Podcast 2 – Publishing Psychoanalytic Articles: Covered in this podcast is the following. 

  • Joanne Conway: publishing in national and international peer-reviewed journals
  • John O’Connor: publishing on psychoanalytic themes in publications for related clinical disciplines, such as psychology and psychiatry
  • Florencia Shanahan: publishing in national and international, peer-reviewed journals
  • Joanna Fortune: writing for the public in newspapers and online
  • Noreen Giffney: transforming the research for your MSc/MA thesis into a peer-reviewed journal article
  • Chair: Medb Ruane


Podcast 2 – Publishing Psychoanalytic Books: Covered in this podcast is the folllowing. 

  • Ian Miller: an experience of writing a monograph
  • Toni O’Brien Johnson: an experience of writing a monograph
  • Rob Weatherill: an experience of writing a monograph
  • Margaret Boyle Spelman: keeping the monograph in mind when writing a thesis: using your MA/MSc/PhD thesis to produce a book
  • The panel also included a talk by Ross Skelton: an experience of editing an encyclopaedia of psychoanalysis
  • Chair: Carol Owens

This podcast is available on Apple Podcasts by The UCD Humanities Institute podcast’s channel and can be viewed here

Interactive tour of Sigmund Freuds house