Training and Further Education

The M.Phil. in Psychoanalytic Studies at Trinity College Dublin offers graduates a thorough introduction to the history, theory and applications in clinical work and in the wider culture of psychoanalysis from Freud to modern writers in this broad field.

The MSc. in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, is a two year course conducted as part of a four year training programme in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. The course provides students with a comprehensive account of psychoanalytic systems as they have developed from the work of Sigmund Freud, Melanie Klein, Wilfred Bion and Donald Winnicott.

The M.Sc. / P.Grad. Diploma in Clinical Supervision at Trinity College Dublin is a part-time course is aimed at practitioners in the helping professions who normally hold an honours degree in psychology or a related field and relevant post-graduate experience.

The Counselling & Health Communication PhD Supervisory Team welcomes enquiries from prospective PhD students interested in undertaking research in any of the following areas: psychoanalysis; psychotherapy; psychosocial studies; health communication; mental health; ethics; and working in healthcare settings. It is possible to do a PhD on a full-time or part-time basis. The Team has expertise in theoretical, qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods approaches to clinical and academic research.

Dr Noreen Giffney (, Dr Anne Moorhead (, Dr Maggie Long ( and Dr Paula Brogan (

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The School of Psychotherapy was set up in 1983 to develop the teaching of psychotherapy in the Department of Psychiatry in St. Vincent’s Hospital (subsequently St. Vincent’s University Hospital). Its first Director and co-founder was Dr. Cormac Gallagher who had attended the seminars of Jacques Lacan in Paris in the 1970s and introduced Lacanian psychoanalysis into Ireland.

Dublin City University offers graduates access to a Master of Science in Psychotherapy, a Doctorate in Psychotherapy and a professional diploma in clinical supervision.

Additional Institutions for Further Education