Racial Trauma and Psychosis

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13 March 2021

Working in the Community with Psychosis and Racial Trauma

About this Event

The Psychosis Therapy Project (PTP) and the USEMI Racial Trauma clinic work jointly to deliver specialist talking and art therapy services in deprived areas across inner city London.

The Irish Forum for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy have invited Dorothée Bonnigal-Katz and Earl Pennycooke to speak about these innovative and valuable servivces.

In the disenfranchised areas where this work is happening, the speakers will share their experiences of encountering a high proportion of people who present with complex trauma and severe mental illness and receive little support besides medication. They will also introduce Irish audiences to the work of the Psychosis Therapy Project, a psychoanalytic clinic of psychosis in the community and USEMI (“to speak” in Swahili) which aim to meet the specific needs of those whose experience of severe mental illness is impacted by race, ethnicity and culture.

The central and highly valuable nature of both these projects is that they hold questions of subjectivity, voice and visibility as their central concerns.