Psychoanalysts on the Couch, with Haya Oakley and Ross Skelton

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20 February 2021

About this Event

Within the panoply of talking therapies, psychoanalysis retains a certain mystique which at best evokes inaccessability but at worst is off putting and perhaps threatening. Unfortunately, this is something that is undermining, to a treatment that has a proven track record of efficacy in the sphere of mental health. A central element within the training of a psychoanalyst is a lengthy personal analysis, evocative of the aphorism ‘physican heal thyself’ . This aspect is what really sets the psychoanalyst apart from other talk therapy trainings and ensures that the practitioner can really listen not only to the words being spoken but also to emerging elements of the unconscious mind.

The Irish Forum of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy is privileged that two senior psychoanalysts have agreed to speak freely about their own journey towards becoming practicing psychoanalysts and to speak about their views on both the merits of and limitations of talk therapy from that personal vantage point. Listening to these testimonies will no doubt prove to be a valuable opportunity to discover that psychoanalysis can be an accessible and valuable endeavour for those who embark upon it.

2 CPD Points will be awarded.