IFPP Committees

The Executive Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting. The members then comprise the Board of Directors of the IFPP. The Executive Committee meet at least four times per year and is comprised of at least five full members. The designated roles on the board include, Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. These roles are agreed and voted upon on at the first executive meeting of each term. A quorum of four members is necessary for a meeting to proceed.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Legally represents the association
  • Provides leadership
  • Takes primary responsibility for conference organization
  • Approves budget execution and all income and expenditures of the organization
  • Provides advice and assistance to succeeding boards
  • Maintains the charter of the association
  • Facilitates decision-making among the group
  • Provides overall leadership and direction to the association
  • Has a casting vote

Vice Chair

  • Assists and supports the Chair as required
  • Leads executive meetings in the absence of the Chair
  • Provides advice and assistance to succeeding Vice Chair.
  • Conducts and maintains voting records of the Executive Committee’s decisions
  • Supports the organization in maintaining and keeping an up-to-date membership database


  • Responsible for producing minutes of Executive Committee meetings
  • Responsible for producing minutes of the Annual General Meeting.
  • Supports the maintenance and ongoing development of the website
  • Manages the communication of the association to members, including sending e-mails assisting the local conference organizers, and managing other member requests
  • Provides advice and assistance to the succeeding secretary


  • Maintains day to day accounts of receipts and expenditures
  • Prepares and presents a draft annual financial report for the Executive Committee for review
  • Prepares and presents a final annual financial report for presentation and approval of the General Assembly
  • Prepares ad-hoc financial reports as requested by the Executive Committee
  • Provides advice and assistance to succeeding treasurer