Membership Criteria

The Irish Forum for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy is specifically for those who either practise psychoanalytic psychotherapy with adults, or for professionals who feel they would benefit from participating in certain psychoanalytic events without accreditation (for example, retired psychoanalytic psychotherapists, or psychotherapists from another modality who are interested in a psychoanalytic perspective.)

The IFPP is a member of the Psychoanalytic Section of the Irish Council for Psychotherapy (ICP), an umbrella body for psychotherapy organisations in Ireland. ___________________________________________________________________________


In order to be eligible for full membership of the IFPP, applicants should fulfil the following criteria:

1. They should have an approved psychoanalytic training and qualification.
In line with ICP's January 2008 training standards for all its member organisations, IFPP applicants must have completed a recognised postgraduate psychoanalytic training consisting of four continuous years with the same training body.
Grandparenting may be possible for some applicants who have completed a training course of three years’ duration prior to December 2010.

2. Individual psychoanalytic psychotherapy
This should consist of a minimum of 320 hours of individual psychotherapy, which should be at least twice per week. Psychotherapy should continue throughout training.
The applicant’s psychotherapist should be a member of IFPP or an equivalent psychoanalytic body.
Where grandparenting is applicable, the requirement is 250 hours.

3. Individual supervision and cases while training
Applicants should, while training, have completed a minimum of 100 hours of individual supervision. At least two cases should have been seen, and at least one client seen for a minimum of two years. Although it is not essential for an applicant to have worked with a client twice or more per week while training, it is strongly encouraged. Where this has not proved possible, applicants should endeavour to gain post-training experience of working with clients more than once per week as soon as possible.

4. Post-training supervision and experience
A further 80 hours of individual post-training psychoanalytic supervision is required for full membership. The applicant's supervisor should be a member of the IFPP or an equivalent psychoanalytic body.
Applicants should have at least a further two years’ experience working as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist after completion of training.



The awarding of Associate membership assumes that the applicant will become eligible to proceed in due course to Full membership. For those who are not seeking professional accreditation but who wish to participate in educational events and so on, Affiliate or Retired membership is available.

Associate membership is open to those who have completed a four-year training course, but who do not yet meet all the criteria for Full membership, i.e. the requirements for post-training supervision and experience.



Any applicant who is currently doing a four-year approved psychoanalytic psychotherapy training course which will eventually enable him or her to proceed to full membership is eligible for student membership of the IFPP.

Applicants for student membership must currently be in psychoanalytic psychotherapy or psychoanalysis.

If applicants are working with clients, they must be in psychoanalytic supervision with an IFPP supervisor or a supervisor from an equivalent body.



Applicants for Retired membership should no longer be working with clients, regardless of how few. Even for occasional, infrequent practice it is essential to have insurance, and insurance companies tend to stipulate that the psychotherapist has Full membership.

Please note: Retired members who are providing or may wish to provide supervision to practising psychotherapists MUST check with their professional insurance provider regarding the need for insurance, and must comply with the provider's requirements.

Retired psychoanalytic psychotherapists may wish to seek or retain membership of the IFPP in order to stay abreast of psychoanalytic thinking and to have opportunities for continued contact with colleagues.



Affiliate membership is for those who are not seeking or are not eligible for accreditation as Full members, but who have a committed interest in a psychoanalytic perspective, and would like to participate in events such as conferences and seminars, and to have opportunities for discussion and the exchange of ideas.

Applications from other modalities are welcome.



1. Code of Ethics
All applicants must agree in writing to abide by the Code of Ethics of the IFPP.

2. Insurance
All applicants, including students, who are currently taking or who intend to take clients must hold current professional insurance and be able to supply insurance details upon application.
Any applicant who does not currently see clients but who does provide supervision or may wish to do so in the future, MUST check with their insurance provider about the need for cover, and must comply with the provider's requirements.

3. ICP Membership
Only Full members are members of the ICP, for which there is an annual subscription, included in the IFPP’s annual subscription fee.
On successful application, new Full members automatically become members of the ICP. If they wish to be included on the ICP’s website list, however, they must complete a form, obtainable from Ann Daly.

4. Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Full members must complete 250 hours of CPD every five years.
Associate members are expected to demonstrate a commitment to CPD.

5. Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)
Full membership of the IFPP includes access to PEP at a lower cost than private subscription, allowing members online access to a wide range of psychoanalytic publications. The cost for this is included in the fee for Full membership.


If you are interested in applying for membership, please contact Ann Daly for an application form, or download one from the IFPP’s website:

Please note that an application fee will apply.

Ann Daly
Administrative Secretary
73 Quinn’s Road
Co. Dublin
Tel. 01 2722105